The Rosemount Community band is an all-volunteer group based in Rosemount Minnesota. The Rosemount Community Band was established in September of 2011 and currently has more than 60 members. The primary purposes of of the band are:

– to provide post-high school and college musicians with an opportunity to perform and maintain their valuable skills.

– to serve as an example for, and to encourage young musicians to continue using their developed musical skills and talents by playing in a community band after their formal education ends.

– to provide outstanding musical concerts throughout the city and surrounding area

The Rosemount Community Band draws its membership from in and around the city of Rosemount Minnesota, and from many different professions and backgrounds. Occupations held by members include such diverse fields as Accounting, Computer Programming, Education, Engineering, Sales, and many others. Individuals interested in joining the Rosemount Community Band are encouraged to contact the group for more details.

Need to send us something? We can be reached at:
Rosemount Community Band
3050 145th Street W. #380
Rosemount, MN 55068